Ultra-secure Ultion Locks for the South West

The Window Outlet have partnered with Ultion Locks and we are now offering an optional upgrade to an Ultion cylinder, meaning that you can provide your customers with the highest levels of door security.

Domestic breaks are prone to burglaries which enter the home via the homeowner’s door. A study by the Office of National Statistics found that 73% break-ins are carried out by entering the home through a door.

Ultion Locks Upgrade

The Ultion locks stopping burglars in South West

Many budget locks on the market are no match for accomplished burgers, accustomed to breaking in by tactics such as lock snapping. The Ultion lock is different and detects when being attacked, putting the central cam into lock down.

In ‘lockdown mode’ Ultions two sacrificial sections are protected within a molybdenum core which is secured with a retaining pin. Molybdenum is a substance that is 25% denser than iron, providing a highly robust protective layer which means trying to drill through the core doesn’t happen quickly or quietly.

Ultion TS007 3 Star Lock

The Ultion lock has been tested to the highest TS007 standard of 3 stars and features 11 pins with a colossal 249,970 possible pin combinations. The Ultion lock has also been tested against a Kit marked lock for the time it takes to break into each. The video below illustrates this test. It took only 45 seconds for the kite marked locked door to be broken into, with minimal noise, that similar to opening the door with a key. On the other hand the door fitted with the Ultion lock could not be penetrated.

Kite marked 1* lock Vs Ultion

Homeowners can certainly feel safe knowing they are secured by an Ultion lock. Find out more about providing your customers with the increased peace of mind that Ultion locks provide by talking to a member us today.

The Ultion lock has also been tested against an anti-snap lock, in this case the anti-snap lock took 18 seconds to break into, whereas the Ultion lock, again was not penetrated in the test. Watch the anti-snap V Ultion lock video below.

Anti-snap lock Vs Ultion