Reynaers SL 68 Slimline Aluminium Windows

High-quality slimline aluminium windows

Reynaers SL 68 aluminium windows are designed to open outwards for minimal intrusion on interior living space. Their outward opening function also enables the windows to open wide enough to provide great levels of ventilation. Their super slim sight lines maximise natural light intake, creating a bright and airy interior to any building. You can choose from a huge range of design options and hundreds of different colours to perfectly suit your tastes.

Specifically designed for UK households

Reynaers slimline 68 window system is the ideal choice for renovation projects and for use in residential new builds. It provides superb weather resistance and excellent levels of insulation. The multi-chambered profile stops heat from escaping, producing a warm and pleasant living space. Slimline 68 vents can be glazed from both the interior and exterior, and are available with a standard or HI insulation level.

The slimline 68 is perfectly suited to both contemporary and older, more traditional properties. The window’s design replicates the slim sight lines of the original steel frame windows for a truly authentic look. With a 68mm frame depth, it is great for replacement projects because it will usually fit inside the existing plaster line, limiting unnecessary building work.

Slimline 68 specifications

  • Three opening options (turn, top hung, combined)
  • Rebate height – 18mm
  • System depth – 68mm
  • Glass thickness – up to 43mm
  • Glazing method – dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones
  • Thermal insulation – omega shaped fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips (32mm)

Top performance window systems

Reynaers SL 68 aluminium windows can achieve U-values as low as 1.1 W/m²K for a standard window section. Such low values mean the highest energy performance achievable with window energy ratings up to A++. They exceed all the industry requirements for acoustic and weather performance including air and water tightness and wind load resistance.

The SL 68 is extremely secure and can achieve PAS 24 and Secured by Design accreditation for its excellent burglar resistance capacity. It is fitted with a multi-point locking system and even a lockable handle. Hinge side security brackets also help to create one of the most secure windows on the market.

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What is the best thickness for aluminium windows?

To ensure robust strength and safety, it is recommended that aluminium window profiles have a minimum thickness of 1.2mm. This specification ensures that the design can effectively bear the weight of the glass and maintain structural integrity.

Why aluminum windows are better than uPVC?

Aluminium is generally known for its superior strength compared to uPVC. As a result of this strength, aluminium windows have a sleeker appearance and can accommodate larger glass surfaces within their frames. Consequently, they have gained significant popularity in the realm of commercial and public constructions, such as schools, offices, and government buildings.