Solidor composite doors

solidor composite doors

As well as providing aluminium products, The Window Outlet also provide high performance composite doors.

High quality Solidor composites from The Window Outlet

Sourced from leading composite door company, Solidor, our composites are some of the highest performing on the market. Combining a robust, solid-timber core, with high security hardware and furniture, a composite door from Solidor is the perfect blend of practicality and high aesthetics.

We’re proud to stock the Solidor range of composite doors here at The Window Outlet. Here’s some of their benefits:

Benefits of a Solidor composite door

Secured by Design

All Solidor composites come with the Avantis multi-point locking system: one of the most technologically advanced currently available. Featuring the largest deadbolt available in the industry, measuring a huge 25.4mm, the locking system of Solidor composite doors is incredibly high performing and can really help to enhance the security of a property.

Excellent thermal performance

The solid-timber core and hybrid materials used in the Solidor composite help to provide it with incredible thermal and acoustic insulation performance. One of the most energy efficient composite doors available, a Solidor composite can keep heat in a home for longer. This can result in real savings on energy bills.

Versatile aesthetics

Coming with the option of a unique range of designs, finishes, and colour including popular hues such as Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue and French Grey, Solidor composite doors have a versatile aesthetic that can be easily customised to meet the demands of any property.

The Window Outlet: Composite door specialist

If you’re looking for a high quality composite door, The Window Outlet can help. We’re specialists when it comes to supplying Solidor’s range of high performance composite doors. For more information, please feel free to give us a call on 0117 405 8488 or send us an email. We hope to hear from you soon.