Glass roofs for every project

Skyroom glass roof

The Window Outlet aim to offer our customers the best choice, at the best price. This is one of the reasons that we stock the incredibly versatile variety of glass roofs from the Atlas range.

The Atlas glass roof range

Its hard to find a glass roof that has both incredible aesthetics and incredible performance. The Atlas range manages to combine both of these perfectly, creating a glass roof that is both extremely beautiful and very practical.

Benefits of an Atlas glass roof

There’s lot of benefits to choosing an Atlas glass roof. Here’s a few of the main reasons why they’re so incredible:


Incredibly strong and light, Atlas glass roofs use 40mm aluminium box rafters to create an elegant, extremely slim roof profile with incredible aesthetics. When you compare the system with other roofs on the market, the Atlas glass roof reduces the visible width and sightline of rafters by an amazing 30%, and the feature ridge by 70%.


Glass roofs from the Atlas range have supreme levels of performance. They’re also some of the highest performing in the industry with exceptional levels of thermal insulation, natural light transmission and acoustic insulation.


With a range of designs and styles to choose from, including Internal, External, Contemporary and Modern models, the Atlas glass roof range offers something for every type of property. The sheer amount of options on offer gives it a great versatility, making the range suited for practically every type of building.

The Window Outlet: Bristol’s premier aluminium fabricator

The Window Outlet are Bristol and the South West’s leading aluminium trade fabricator. We manufacture and supply the full range of Atlas roofs, including lantern roofs, orangery roofs, conservatory roofs and the new Skyroom. For more information, please give us a call on 0117 405 8488 or send us an email.