7 ways composite doors will bring you more sales

Anthracite grey composite door by Solidor, supplied by The Window Outlet

As well as providing exceptional aluminium windows and doors to trade customers across Bristol and the South West, The Window Outlet also specialise in providing composite doors from industry leader, Solidor.

Composite doors have become an incredibly profitable product in many an installer’s range. With that in mind, here are 7 ways that composite doors can bring you more sales.

1. They’re in demand

An incredibly popular product amongst homeowners, the popularity of composite doors shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This makes them an attractive product to invest in in you want to improve the overall sales of your range.

Since they exploded on to the market several years ago, composite doors have become the work-horses of the ranges of many installers. As a popular and much sought after product, investing in a composite door is a great way to boost sales and drive business.

2. They’re an attractive product

The aesthetic appeal of a composite door shouldn’t be overlooked.

With hundreds of designs and styles and a huge range of colours to choose from, composite doors can be customised to seamlessly blend in with the existing aesthetic of the property that you’re working on. This makes them a popular product with homeowners and installers alike.

The stunning aesthetics of composite doors are a unique selling point and are a great feature to emphasis to homeowners if you want to boost your sales.

3. Their security benefits can attract new customers

Composite doors are perhaps some of the most secure residential doors available on the market. This makes them an intelligent choice to invest in if you want to take advantage of the booming market for secure residential products.

With a solid timber core, thick GRP skin and the option of rebating for enhanced protection, composite doors present a formidable obstacle to even the most seasoned of burglars.

What’s more, at The Window Outlet all of our composite doors are Secured by Design. Featuring the market’s first 25mm triangulated deadbolt for additional protection, our composite doors provide exceptional levels of protection against intruders. Their security credentials can help you to gain new customers from the potentially lucrative, home security market.

4. They can improve the energy efficiency of a home

Composite doors are considered a useful product for improving the overall warmth of a property, and can thus be marketed as ‘energy efficient’. With the rising cost of energy bills, the energy efficiency market is going from strength to strength. Investing in energy efficient products makes great business sense with this in mind.

48mm thick, solid timber core composite doors, like the ones we offer at The Window Outlet, can help to significantly retain heat in a home for longer. Our composite doors for instance are 10% thicker than our competitors for enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation. This can help a household to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their heating bills: an excellent feature to boost sales. Find out more by requesting a free quote now.

5. They can improve the versatility of your range

With excellent aesthetics, superb security and great energy efficiency values, composite doors are suited to the demands of a huge range of settings and applications: from period to contemporary style properties. This gives them an excellent versatility which can help you to gain a larger amount of sales overall.

6. They are excellent value

Taking into consideration their exceptional performance, aesthetics and popularity, composite doors are an excellent value product to invest in if you want to boost the sales of your product range. For relatively little financial outlay, composite doors can provide great returns making them a useful product to invest in if you want to increase sales.

7. They offer great margins

Okay, although investing in products with great margins may not directly boost your sales, it is an excellent way to increase the profit you make on each installation! That’s why we’ve included it in our list.

Composite doors offer excellent profit margins that can make installations more worthwhile. The Window Outlet are able to offer incredibly competitive prices on all of our Solidor and Doorstop composite doors thanks to great rates we’ve managed to negotiate with suppliers.

Find out more about The Window Outlet’s range of high performance Solidor composite doors by calling us on 0117 405 8488 or by sending us an email.