5 things you need to know about aluminium bifolds

aluminium bifold door

Aluminium bifolds are one of the most popular products in the ranges of many installers and local builders. Here are 5 things that you need to know about aluminium bifolds if you’re thinking about investing in them for your product range.

1. They have exceptionally slim sightlines, providing enhanced aesthetics

Thanks to the high quality metal used in their profile designs, aluminium bifolds from our product range utilise exceptionally slim sightlines that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the door system itself. If you need a product that can transform the appearance of a home, both inside and out, investing in aluminium bifolds is a wise decision to make.

2. They are incredibly durable, long-lived and weatherproof

Aluminium as a material is perfect to make bifolds from. It’s incredibly durable, it’s weatherproof and naturally resistant to corrosion and it can last for an exceptionally long time: these properties make it particularly appealing to homeowners who are future-proofing their properties.

3. They are incredibly low maintenance

Unlike timber bifolds which require a lot of maintenance to be kept working well, aluminium bifolds are incredibly low maintenance! Perfect for older homeowners, those with mobility problems, or just people without the time to be spending fiddling around with doors, aluminium bifolds require little effort to be kept working well. This makes them an attractive product for the domestic market.

4. They’re easier to install than the average bifold

Aluminium bifolds are also easier to install than conventional uPVC and timber bifold doors. An incredibly lightweight material, aluminium bifolds can be installed relatively quickly and with little hassle, making them an excellent product to invest in if you want to improve the speed and efficiency of your installations.

5. Aluminium bifolds are in demand and are a luxury product commanding greater margins

Thanks to their status as a luxury product, aluminium bifolds can command higher prices, and thus, better margins, on the domestic market. Allowing the installer to access a new, lucrative section of the home improvement market, offering an aluminium bifold as part of your product range can help to enhance the overall success of your business.

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