5 reasons you should invest in aluminium windows

aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are becoming an increasingly popular product with homeowners looking to improve both the aesthetics, and thermal performance of their home. Offering some of the highest levels of thermal and acoustic performance, as well as aesthetics, it’s not difficult to see why. Here are 5 reasons why investing in aluminium windows for your product range is a good idea.

1. They’re suited to a variety of projects

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile building material, making it well suited to the demands of window design. It can be easily extruded in complex profile designs to meet the thermal needs of most domestic and commercial projects. In addition, the outward aesthetic of aluminium can be easily customised with the use of coatings and finishes, making it equally suited to both contemporary and traditional properties.

What’s more, with the option of marine quality powder coating, aluminium windows from The Window Outlet can be made to suit even the harshest of environments. This includes extreme weather settings such as coastlines and high-ground areas. All of these characteristics make aluminium windows an incredibly versatile product to offer as part of your range.

2. They offer great margins

Thanks to their exceptional thermal performance and aesthetics, as well as their reputation as a high end product, aluminium windows offer great returns on profit. With potentially high profit margins, aluminium windows can help you to increase the revenue of your business, quickly and easily.

3. They’re in demand!

The popularity of aluminium windows is steadily rising, making them a great future-proof product to invest in. With relatively few installers taking advantage of the large emerging market for these type of products, offering aluminium windows as part of your product range can help you to expand into previously unexploited markets.

4. They’re energy efficient

Thanks to the complex aluminium extrusion process, aluminium profile can moulded in increasingly energy-efficient designs. When supplied with a thermal break and high quality double glazing, aluminium windows offer some of the highest thermal and acoustic insulation you’re likely to find on the market. The superb energy efficiency of aluminium windows makes a great selling point to emphasise to property owners.

5. They have exceptional aesthetics

Capable of achieving ultra-slim sight lines, as well as being easily customised to match the appearance of their setting, aluminium windows offer truly exceptional aesthetics. Thanks to their subtle appearance, aluminium windows work with a property’s external aesthetic, rather than against it. It is this smooth, low-maintenance and ultimately long-lasting appearance that makes them such an in demand product.

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