5 reasons why aluminium is better than uPVC

aluminium window

The aluminium market has changed tremendously in the last few years, with the development of new technological innovations that have opened up huge opportunities for installers. Aside from dominating the commercial sector, aluminium’s popularity in the residential market is also skyrocketing.

Now, aluminium is used in residential windows and doors, as well as more complex architectural constructions such as lantern roofs.

This “migration” to an entirely new market is hardly surprising, as aluminium offers some unparalleled advantages over uPVC.

1. Slim sight lines

Faced with the choice between uPVC and aluminium windows, homeowners and architects alike will doubtless prefer the slimmer sightlines of the latter. Slimmer sightlines also means more glass can be used in the profile, letting more light into the home.

2. Longer lifespan

Aluminium windows and doors maintain their looks for longer, even in harsher environments such as marine or coastal areas, or highly polluted cities. This is thanks to their polyurethane powder coating, which is guaranteed for 25 years. The long lifespan of aluminium also eliminates the cost issue: the difference in price between uPVC and aluminium is more than compensated by the longer lifespan.

3. Perfect for residential and commercial applications

uPVC was actually designed for dwellings, and is not optimised for high traffic applications, despite being installed in some schools, for example. That being said, aluminium now leads the way in all modern, new build residential developments, but its adaptability opens up huge lucrative opportunities in the commercial market as well.

4. Highly versatile

As opposed to uPVC, aluminium is a very versatile material, which can be shaped and machined to meet most design requirements. This characteristic allows us to satisfy highly bespoke projects that could not be accommodated by other materials.

5. Better security

Aluminium is simply a stronger material than plastic. This fact comes with many implications, one of which being a superior level of security. Moreover, the standard hardware featured by our aluminium windows and doors is a lot sturdier than what is commonly used in uPVC products.

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